About us

Solid is a community that calls out injustice together and solves it. It takes more than a single event, petition, or fundraiser to make real change. With Solid, you can gather people to take a series of actions in support of your cause until victory is achieved. Communities are built in the process for even greater change to come.

Solid is a non-profit, open-source project offered to the broader social justice movement by Brandworkers. Based in New York City, Brandworkers is the first non-profit membership organization for the immigrant workers behind the fast-growing local food industry. Brandworkers members are working to achieve dignified jobs by developing new forms of workplace association for the 21st century. We knew if Solid was useful to us it would likely be useful to our movement partners; so we’re making it available to all, for free.

Interested in getting involved? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.