Social Media Storm: Urge Amy's Bread to accept an agreement now!

We're tired of waiting! Amy's Bread workers labor hard every day baking bread for consumers in the culinary capital of the world. CEO Amy Scherber has profited mightily while those of us who hand craft the baguettes, sandwiches, and pastries struggle every month to keep our head above water.

You can help Amy’s Bread workers spread the word about our campaign for better jobs and a just food economy.

Click on Support and then use your social media accounts to get the word out.

Sample posts or make up your own:

[name of individual/group] urges @amysbread to accept the workplace justice agreement!

@amysbread the workplace justice agreement represents next step in building a just food economy! #whomakesamysbread

@amysbread your expert, experienced baking staff deserves a raise! your business can afford it. #whomakesamysbread

You can also post these messages on Amy's Bread's facebook page.