Ask River Cafe to Support Amy’s Bread Workers

Negotiations for a workplace justice agreement at Amy’s Bread are progressing, but at a glacial pace. After over two years of dialogue, workers deserve dignified jobs now. We’re calling on the restaurant groups and grocery chains who sell Amy’s Bread to stand with us.

River Cafe Restaurant, a prominent Amy’s Bread customer, has declined to engage with the very workers who bake its bread every day. We’re calling on River Cafe to stop serving Amy’s Bread until workers’ rights are respected.

Take this Action by clicking Support and calling River Cafe. Here are the details:

The River Cafe Restaurant: (718) 522-5200. Contacts: Scott Stamford (General Manager), Edward Dearie (Assistant General Manager)

Suggested talking points:

  • Hello, I'm calling to speak with Scott Stamford.
  • As a responsible food consumer and an ally of Brandworkers, I'm calling to encourage you to stop purchasing Amy's Bread until it respects workers rights.
  • You can count on me and many others to support the River Cafe when you commit to supporting the immigrant workers of New York City in achieving a just local food system.
  • Will you embrace this opportunity to lead on respecting workers' voice? I urge you to say yes now.

Expires: Feb. 20, 2017