Workers do, and we're calling on the company to accept a groundbreaking workplace justice agreement that provides fair compensation and respect for our voice on the job.

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Amy's Bread is an artisan baking factory in Queens that supplies NYC's most prominent restaurants and grocery stores. It claims to be a responsible business, yet we, immigrant workers baking the bread, struggle to afford the most basic necessities and to make our voice heard.

We've been in negotiations with Amy's Bread management for over two years. While there's been progress, the company is now stalling and refuses to accept a comprehensive workplace agreement that includes decent compensation.

We work hard and insist on dignified working conditions at Amy's Bread and across New York City's local food factories. Take action with us - online and on the ground - until we achieve a workplace justice agreement that improves our jobs and advances a dignified standard for all workers in the fast-growing local food industry.

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